Remember When ...
  • cards had to be marked
  • there were class 6 CDB's
  • firstie rooms looked like doolie rooms
  • comp sci had labs at night
  • the windows towards the west were glass
  • only firsties owned cars (legally)
  • recognition week was Hell Week
  • doolies sat up in Mitch's the whole year
  • there were doolies!
  • T-41 was a senior course
  • there were no women in 3rd and 4th group
  • ATOs trained doolies
  • we marched to dinner
  • milkshakes came in cartons
  • we got flooded out of Jack's Valley
  • the Penthouse in Vandenberg "came alive" after 2300
  • there were 6 academic periods instead of 7
  • issue sneakers were black Pro-Keds
  • cadre wore "intimidating" berets during BCT
  • the long sleeve dark blue shirt was the winter uniform
  • the collars on athletic jackets were blue, not black
  • Hell Week was at the end of the year
  • you had to take your commitment twice
  • seniors did not have to look up the menu
  • seniors got priority in finals schedules
  • we had it "our way" in BCT
  • Operation ECHO was a "viable alternative"
  • basics yelled, "kill, kill, blood makes the grass grow"
  • it took two years to make it past element sgt.
  • obnoxious cheers were legal
  • "the" food fight (Walter Cronkite did!)
  • class rings were gold
  • 5% was exorbitant interest on a car loan
  • June Week fell in June
  • only seniors ran aerobics
  • the whole Wing went down with the Swine Flu
  • the blizzard of '77 closed school for three days
  • it was a weekday ODP, not an AOC authorization
  • women wore Montgomery Ward's terry cloth bathrobes
  • SAMI's were the sitdown type
  • 490 students jumped out of U-4's (Dwight Eisenhower's old planes)
  • breakfast was mandatory for all cadets
  • the "ante" was upped
  • USAFA sweat tops had no hoods
  • lacrosse was an intramural sport
  • '80 was not just another crest on the wall
  • only 3rd classmen served CCQ
  • athletic events required freshmen to attend
  • there was a group social actions officer
  • you could sign-in your friends
  • we had triple threats

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